Coast Range Guardians is a non-profit organization actively protecting the Coast Range Ecosystem, the Coast Range forests, streams, all the creatures who live here, the Native people, and rural families who reside here. I am the founder and vice president of this organization. Members of the Coast Range Guardians enjoy the forest, waterways, estuarine environment and the beaches of the Coast Range where they either live or visit for educational, recreational, or spiritual endeavors. The members now total over 200 Guardians have an interest and a stake in protecting all elements and all species of the Coast Range Ecosystem, including preventing harm to the salmon.

Canaries Who Sing is a non-profit organization now numbering over 300 members. I am the founder and the president of Canaries Who Sing which celebrates the lives of people who are more easily harmed by modern poisons such as chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, smoke, exhaust, solvents, and petroleum products.

Members of Canaries Who Sing with serious medical problems rely on the purer air and higher oxygen content of the air in the Coast Range, the natural beauty of the Coast Range forests, streams and ocean interface for healing, spiritual well-being, educational opportunities, recreation, and health-sustaining food from the Coast Range Ecosystem. Canaries Who Sing is dedicated to preventing harm to its members by preventing harm to environment and ecosystems we live in and depend on. Harm to Coastal streams, Coast Range Ecosystems, and to Coastal species, including harm to salmon diminish us all.